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Welcome to the updated Westmont College Bookstore web site.
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Alpine Tales by Dr. Paul Willis
The first two novels in Alpine Tales were published in the early 1990s by Westmont English department professor Dr. Paul Willis. They are updated and combined with the third and fourth never-before-published novels, The Silver Spire and The White Fawn of Otium.
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Westmont Christmas Festival 2010 CD
“Let the Hearts of Those Who Seek the Lord Rejoice.”
Includes Westmont College Choir, Women’s Chorale and full orchestra.
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Merchandise shows clothing and gifts for the family as well as providing the ability to order a Birthday Balloon Bouquet and Gift Certificates.

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IMPACT the WORLD showcases companies that provide significant support to groups throughout the world. The bookstore is honored to be partners with TOM’S, Acholi beads, Sseko sandals, Falling Whistles, and O’Bon.


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