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Reading benefits

Regardless of the genre, the author, the topic or even the language in which are written, books open windows to unexplored worlds that transform you at every level. The simple act of reading regularly provides you many benefits like the enhancement of your memory, imagination and your capacity for abstraction.

Enhance your cognitive capacities

Reading benefits include the capacity of generating new neural connections in your brain. In this way you are able to enhance your capacity for inference and understanding. Additionally, you will have a larger cognitive reserve that will allow you to grow old under better intellectual conditions.


On the other hand, this kind of practice allows you to have an authentic personal library of stories, characters, terms, expressions and new vocabulary that enriches you enormously. Each time you continue reading a book following a narrative thread, you get to enhance your memory and exercise your cognitive capacities.

It is important to mention that reading a book inevitably arouses different emotions which combined with the ideas that are absorbed, allow you to efficiently create memories that exercise your brain. For such reason, this kind of practice is a fabulous way to train your memory.

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Relax and enjoy a rewarding hobby

There is nothing more relaxing than getting home and lie on the couch or go to bed well cuddled next to a good book. As you relax while you read, your level of cortisol is reduced. And it is impossible to ignore the fact that you can face your problems with more clarity and objectivity if you stay calm.

Reading is to open that door that takes you to a world of dreams and emotions that you enjoy. You enter into a safe space where you can learn from every word, every image and every chapter.

Whenever you dive into the pages of a nice book, you get to relax completely in a way that this simple action frees your brain from stress and tension. Therefore, a good reading before bed is deal to reconcile rest.